About Us

Putting our clients at the heart of everything we do, every day

We are a well-established firm of financial planners, founded on the principles of trust, integrity and expertise. We remain true to these principles today. We are a firm of Chartered Financial Planners and advise our clients on total assets of over £200m (as at May 2024).

Whether it be through pensions, ISAs or other structures, advising our clients on where to invest their money is a responsibility we take very seriously. We continuously look for ways in which to provide added-value to our clients through the advice, service and communications we provide.

Our Core Values

In line with our guiding principles, when we founded Bailey Cook, one of the first and most important things we did was to agree our values, that would run through the heart of our business. We agreed five core values to ensure we continue to focus on delivering the best levels of service and advice for our clients:

  • Be humbly confident, valuing yourself and others
  • Question and listen carefully, to understand
  • Be honest, open and respectful
  • Take enjoyment from energy and empowerment
  • Hunger to change and improve

These core values are on the wall in our office so we never lose sight of them. They are embedded in our business and every day shape the way in which we provide advice and service to our clients:

  • All advice will be individually tailored to our clients' needs.
  • Any advice we provide will always be in our clients' best interests.
  • Things change over time, so we will regularly review our clients' financial affairs with them.
  • We will keep them informed of relevant topical financial matters.
  • All costs will be fully documented, transparent and agreed up front before we start work.
  • At all times our team will endeavor to be professional, welcoming and friendly in the way we interact with our clients.
  • Our communications will be clear, informative and straight forward.
  • All of our clients' personal details will be held securely and not disclosed to external parties unless needed to support their financial plan.

Our values also apply to the way in which we treat each other within the Bailey Cook team, and how we interact with third parties such as investment platforms and fund managers. In essence, treat people as you would want to be treated yourself.

In Summary

Our advice and service is personal to our clients' individual needs and provided face-to-face. We do not operate a faceless call centre, algorithms or Artificial Intelligence to look after your financial affairs. You will deal with a human being!

Our whole reason for being is to deliver better financial outcomes for our clients in line with their unique financial plans, providing security and peace of mind for them and their family. Based on the regular positive feedback we receive, we believe our clients see the value that we provide and in turn, we are very grateful for their continued support.

About Us

Meet the Team

We have a great team at Bailey Cook who possess a broad range of skills and experience.

About Us

Chartered Financial Planners

Bailey Cook has been awarded the prestigious Chartered Financial Planners status by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII).

About Us


We are proud to play our part in the local community. We founded Bailey Cook in Bath in 2018 and we are very proud of our Somerset and West Country roots.