Charles has been our Financial Adviser for more than twelve years, during which time our regular meetings have shown him to be consistently professional and well informed, as well as very personable, approachable and engaging.

We feel confident that he understands our personal financial situation, and is able to suggest and advise us appropriately, whilst adapting our portfolios to any changing needs.

Robin Widdowson and Judy Bowles

Bailey Cook work very hard at building a lasting trusting relationship based on openness and integrity. Exemplary advices is backed up with extremely effective communication and support. To Bailey Cook the individual client and their objectives really does matter.

Michael McKenzie

The guys at Bailey Cook (especially Charles who I deal with) are really easy to work with and show total understanding and empathy with the client's needs. However, the key thing is my pension pot has continued to out-pace the financial market thanks to Charles and the team. I have and would continue to recommend them to friends and family with total confidence

Richard Pymm

We've known Andrew for over 15 years and trust him completely. He's candid when he's unsure, persistent when he's sure and works hard to stay well-informed in his specialist fields. Andrew also works within agreed client parameters. He involves specialist advisers for related topics and the overall result is that we think we benefit from sound advice, closely tailored to our risk profiles as investors, which also takes other factors into account (health, ages & dispositions).

Andrew also seems to enjoy his undoubted tough schedule and his enthusiasm is infectious.

Colin Selby

Many of us are quite simply 'out of our depth' and therefore often anxious about our personal finances. There is just one word that defines the kind of relationship we are seeking from our adviser; Trust.

In Andrew Cook we have found exactly that, and added to the immense experience and expertise he and Bailey Cook bring to their advice and planning, he also brings genuine kindness, understanding, patience and humour. Appointing Bailey Cook as our advisers was the best decision my wife and I ever made as far as our finances are concerned.

Adrian Snell

We have been clients of Andrew Cook's for twenty years. In that time, he has helped us with mortgages, pensions, ISAs and managed funds. He has guided us to wise investments and in all the ups and downs of the financial markets our money has grown and remains secure.

We have and will continue to highly recommend his services.

Paul and Rachel Waldron

The advice and guidance Charles and the team have provided to us is exceptional. We needed a financial planner who made the time and the patience to understand our short, mid and long-term objectives, who identified our attitude to risk (not simply completing a form) and who could bring in-depth knowledge to enable us to build our long-term wealth and to plan effectively for the retirement we want with the funds we need. The balance of professional knowledge with personal service goes far beyond our expectations and the responsiveness and gentle prods perfectly timed.

Mr and Mrs W

Charles Bailey saved my financial life! My finances were in a complete, and complex, muddle when Charles took over, and he sorted the whole mess out. Recently, he has smoothly managed a complex retirement situation involving HMRC limits and six pension providers. He is not only very highly qualified and knowledgeable; he is a good communicator and has a way of putting you totally at ease. He takes the time to find out what you want from your money, how you want it to work for you and he makes it happen. I trust him completely and don't think that I could ask for more.

Helen Davis

I've known both Andrew and Charles for over 14 years with Andrew being our Financial Adviser for more than ten years.

We had no hesitation in moving our business to Bailey Cook when they set up their business in 2018 as we have come to trust the advice and personal service we receive from Andrew and team around him, so much so that we have been confident enough to take early retirement!

Jerry and Julia Wilson

What really helped was having Andrew come to the house where we were comfortable. He explained everything in great detail, without the jargon, and this enabled us to make an Informed decision.

Having met with several financial advisers I can say with confidence that Bailey Cook are by far the best. Andrew's knowledge and ability to simplify things made everything seem so straightforward.

Andrew has a very friendly manner. He's down to earth and someone I felt able to trust straight away. He's always available to answer my numerous questions and does so in an easy to understand way.

Mike Coombes

I have been absolutely delighted with the service offered by Bailey Cook. The personal attention has been outstanding, and I have appreciated the down to earth, practical advice I have been given.

Besides seeing my investments steadily grow, it has been a great relief to know that I can discuss all aspects of my financial affairs, either in an immediate telephone conversation or in person, and in a language that I as a layman can understand.

Jonathan Milton

Every so often one strikes it lucky when being introduced to a professional to help you through tough times.

My lawyer introduced me to Andrew Cook about ten years ago when my late wife was battling cancer. I had the task of getting all our finances in order and Andrew helped me and my four children manage this burden in a genuinely sincere and easy to understand manner during this difficult time.

Ten years on; Andrew has proven to be trustworthy and responsive to our needs. He listens carefully and provides guidance that has delivered consistent above market returns across varying risk levels of portfolios. And, I'm pleased to say, Andrew's commitment to deliver great service continues to go from strength to strength.

Ron Pringle

Andrew Cook has been my adviser for all financial matters for many years, having my best interests as his primary focus when providing his expert advice and guidance. Bailey Cook have become a well-respected professional organisation who I would have no hesitation in recommending to my friends and family.

Jamie Cleall-Harding

My working relationship with Andrew spans almost two decades and in that time, I have always found him to be a most personable, knowledgeable and trustworthy person.

Initially, the connection was through my place of work, however, around 12 years ago my husband and I took the decision to use Andrew's expertise with regard to our own pension planning. In this time, we truly feel we have benefitted from some extremely useful financial advice, resulting in us having a good quality of life now that we are in retirement.

Andrew has always been available for advice at a variety of levels and over a range of subjects and has always given freely of his time and expertise.

Linsey Marsh

I have been very impressed with Bailey Cook, and in particular Andrew Cook's handling of my pension transfer.

The most impressive aspect was that he listened. No sales pitch or predetermined assumptions. Their aim was clearly to ensure that the right solution was put forward. The actual transfer process was clearly explained step by step, and I was updated regularly.

I am now looking forward to my dream retirement and thank Andrew and his team for putting the wheels in motion.

Mark Robson

Andrew has been advising us on all financial and tax matters for over ten years. His personal and professional approach has been above and beyond with nothing, however large or small, being too much trouble. His guidance has not only allowed us to retire early but to live comfortably for the future.

When Andrew and Charles took the decision to form Bailey Cook, we had no hesitation in moving our finances with them. With their hands-on, professional approach we have no doubt whatsoever that they will continue to go from strength to strength and we have recommended them to family, friends and anyone who may require a financial adviser.

Sharen Hunt