Secure Email Communication with Unipass Mailock

Secure Email Communication with Unipass Mailock

Tuesday 3rd November 2020

We are conscious that putting in place effective financial planning requires individuals to share personal and financial information with us, and increasingly this information is shared electronically.

It is therefore a high priority for us to ensure that any emails between us and our clients are securely exchanged.

To help ensure data security, we encourage clients of Bailey Cook to register for a free account with Unipass Mailock. This means they become part of our secure community, and once they have successfully answered their first identity challenge/text there is no need to do this again.

Registering will also allow clients to reply to us securely. One further advantage for us and our clients is that documents can be emailed and saved to a computer, rather than generating large bundles of paperwork.

Click here for more information about how Bailey Cook supports clients with their data security