Climate change: how do we play our part?

Climate change: how do we play our part?

Friday 12th February 2021

As you know, at Bailey Cook we believe in sustainable investing, where investors can benefit from investment returns to meet their own financial objectives, whilst at the same time supporting companies whose products and services have a positive impact on society.

Tackling climate change is a core part of sustainable investing, although we appreciate that this is a broad, complex and sometime contentious topic! We are therefore pleased to share with you this video (on YouTube) which explains some facts about climate change, its impact, and what we can all do to help.

Please click here to view the video - Climate change: how do we play our part?

The video is hosted by Phoebe Stone, Partner and UK Head of Sustainable Investing at investment manager LGT Vestra, and contains excellent contributions from:

  • Paul Gilding - Former Global CEO of Greenpeace and Cambridge University lecturer
  • Ursula Finsterwald - Head of Group Sustainability Management at LGT
  • Ted Franks - Partner and Fund Manager at leading sustainable investment manager, WHEB Asset Management

This is a thought provoking and interesting video, and we'd suggest well worth your time. (By the way, please ignore the instructions about near the beginning, they only applied to the live video.)

If you have any thoughts or questions please let us know? We welcome your feedback. Thank you.

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